– Argentina –

For artist Soledad Arias, language is her material. As she describes, “I explore the materiality of language, the phonetic, visual and poetic dimensions of a text or a word as a two-and three-dimensional entity in the context of human relations.” In her practice, she visually inserts words onto postcards, tree trunks, strings of flags, and in neon. In her series, acoustic wall #1 (2012), Arias brings to life the language of theater scripts that is performed but not spoken. In doing so, Arias not only draws attention to what is unsaid but also the relationship between language and performativity.

Lilian Porter may not set out to make humorous artwork, but a few audience chuckles are inevitable. In her most recent series from 2018, currently exhibited at El Museo del Barrio in New York City, tiny little figurines interact – and actually produce – her works of art. Red Sand (2018) has a woman, no larger than 2 inches, sweeping at red sand that swirls into a larger more striking sculpture.

Some more contemporary Argentinian artists: Leandro Katz, Guillermo KuitcaAlberto Greco, Irene KopelmanMariana De Matteis, Alejandra TavoliniAgustina WoodgateVivian SuterSara Slipchinsky, Amalia PicaInes RaiteriLuz Peuscovich, Leila Tschopp, and Graciela Sacco

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